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Perfect Body Waist Trainer™ is a Brand (Proudly Brand of Indonesia) since 2018 that produces Medical Grade & International Certified Waist Trainers and Body Shapers, promoting World-Class Quality.

Perfect Body Waist Trainer ™ makes it easier for all women to have a slim body permanently with regular use


1) Get Back in Shape After Pregnancy.

During pregnancy a woman’s center of gravity shifts as her spine curves in a convex manner to accommodate her baby. The role a postpartum wrap plays is it speeds up the healing process with constant pressure on the abdomen area thus reducing recovery time.

Properly designed, Perfect Body Waist Trainer™ postpartum body garments will provide 360 degree support to assist in abdominal wall muscle retraction, improve posture, stabilize loosened ligaments, and provide support to the torso while vital organs return to their pre-pregnancy position.

Consistency is the key to effective waist-belly training.  If you stick to it, you can see the benefits sooner.

2) Sculpt Your Body to Perfection.

Krisdayanti: “Thank God, the effort to reduce my belly and waistline with Perfect Body Waist Trainer™ is always satisfying. Thank you so much.

3) ‘Unicorn Crystal Arm Shaper’ Shapes The Arms & Loses Arm Fat.

Designed with an open chest and there are 3 rows of hooks under the breast for comfortable use by nursing mothers.

The best technology undergarment by implanting Energy Stone at acupuncture points to accelerate fat burning in the arm area, strengthen the body and improve blood circulation in the upper back area.

4) Reduce Back Pain & Helping Someone with Scoliosis.


“The good thing about Perfect Body Waist Trainer™ is that you can use it anywhere and it can also improve your confidence and ensure that you look your best in every single outfit.

Wear your Perfect Body Waist Trainer™ to helps you to reshape your body after Giving Birth immediately and give you the motivation you need to keep working toward long term body shaping goals.” ~ Tania Nadira

5) Breast Uplift & Elevate Your Self Confidence in Every Single Outfit.

PERFECT BODY WAIST TRAINER™ will tighten your core, improve your posture, and provide you with a curvaceous, hourglass figure.

Wearing this UNICORN CRYSTAL BODY SHAPER gives you a seamless look and gives you an attractively curvy form and softly squeezing your waist, without leaving you uncomfortable.” ~ Nabila Syakieb.

6) Standing Upright ~ Improving Your Posture.

7) Improve your Posture while You’re Sitting.

MAESTRO VEST 29 PERFECT BODY from Perfect Body Waist Trainer™ was created to help relieve low back pain and help you strengthen your core (abdominal) muscles.

Another important benefit is to provide support for your back (torso) and improve your posture even when sitting comfortably (preventing slouching and lifting the breasts up).

8) Provide Strong Core for Strong Back

9) Accelerate Fat Burning During Exercise or Gym.

Veroni Amelia: “I’m really comfortable wearing this, it’s not tight at all, it’s comfortable to use all day activities.
Although 25 bones, but still elastic to follow the curves of the body.  Does not roll and does not poke. “

10) Forming Feminine Curves.

11) Providing Motivation and a Constant Reminder of Your Goals.

Cynthia Ganesha wears MAESTRO 29 PERFECT BODY

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