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Perfectly Design for Everyday Wear

About Us

Perfect Body Waist Trainer™ is a Brand (Proudly Indonesia’s Global Brand) since 2018 that produces Medical Grade & International Certified Waist Trainers and Body Shapers, promoting World-Class Quality.

Perfect Body Waist Trainer™ makes it easier for all women to have a slim body permanently with a balanced diet and reasonable exercise.

Perfect Body Waist Trainer™ provides the best waist training result with the comfort you deserve. With our patented hourglass design, the waist trainer can easily adapt to your body shape, providing you the desired body shape you wanted in the modern age.

In the past years, we’ve helped change many of people’s lives with our waist trainer, recently, we produced the latest series, Maestro Vest 29 Perfect Body and Maestro 29 Perfect Body.

There is always a voice to guiding us forward, that is: make product better, do not let our supporters down. That’s what we say and that’s what we do.

Product Commitment

At Perfect Body Waist Trainer, we concern about You and Your Experience. We use natural latexs and sustainable material proved by many tested so that all of our products will not to be harm to your body and skin.

Service Commitment

At Perfect Body Waist Trainer, we take care of our clients as we do with family and friends. This is one of the most important things that makes your experience as authentic as possible. We contribute to improving the quality of life of our clients.


Fat BurnWith a balanced diet and reasonable exercise, accelerate sweating and fat burning, let metabolize faster.
Local SaunaPromote local blood circulation, increase the temperature of waist and abdomen.
Spine CorrectionKeep the spine in the right position by improving overall posture.
Reduce Back PainPreventing and correcting hunchback, great decrease back pain.
FocusBy not forgiving bad posture, improve your efficiency, make you full of energy.
Postpartum RecoveryTighten waist and abdomen muscles and make them more stronger.
Shape BreastsUnderbust design to make breasts upright and charming.
ProtectingProtecting core muscle groups and reduce the risk of injury during sporting.
Hourglass Body ShaperGet about 8-10.5 cm (3-4 inch) waist line reduction instantly


  • Premium Quality: Unlike other low quality products that cause harm to skin, our products are made of high-quality natural latex and covered by italy cotton that is comfortable all day long. Additionally we use the highest-quality flexi steel bones on the market for our product. Our high quality materials create better body support which leads to better results in body shaping.
  • Comfortable: The cutout underneath the chest is more comfortable and easier to wear, avoiding the discomfort of older / more traditional corset that cut into the top of the ribs. It has an easy adaptation which is designed for women with various torso shapes and statures. Perfect Body Waist Trainers are naturally comfortable and very convenient for exercise.
  • Breathes/Suspirable: Made from a breathable mesh design that allows the skin can to be able to breathe more during exercise. Our material also makes the skin more comfortable and enhances sweat emission. The mesh is invisible when the waist trainer is flat, after putting it on.
  • Supportive: Ergonomically correct 25-29 flexi steel bones wrap around the waist, providing the perfect balance of support, shape, and comfort – while also giving golden proportion to the waist and hips. Most waist trainers normally only use 6 bones, which makes them less durable and less effective.
  • Durable: Having passed the standard test, you can have confidence in the durability of the Perfect Body Waist Trainer. Additionally the high-temperature, hot stamping, sterilization process, and integrated molding process used by Perfect Body Waist Trainer prevents degumming even when worn for long-term repeated wear it’s nearly-impossible to deform.


1) Get Back in Shape After Pregnancy.

During pregnancy a woman’s center of gravity shifts as her spine curves in a convex manner to accommodate her baby. The role a postpartum wrap plays is it speeds up the healing process with constant pressure on the abdomen area thus reducing recovery time.

Perfectly designed, Perfect Body Waist Trainer™ postpartum body garments will provide 360 degree support to assist in abdominal wall muscle retraction, improve posture, stabilize loosened ligaments, and provide support to the torso while vital organs return to their pre-pregnancy position.

Consistency is the key to effective waist-belly training.  If you stick to it, you can see the benefits sooner.

2) Sculpt Your Body to Perfection.

Krisdayanti said, “The effort to reduce my waistline with Perfect Body Waist Trainer™ is always satisfying, I highly recommended this Maestro Vest 29.”

Instant slimming and figure enhancement, simply by putting it on, you will drop up to several inches from your waistline.

3) ‘Unicorn Crystal Arm Shaper’ Shapes The Arms & Loses Arm Fat.

Unicorn Crystal Arm Shaper designed with an open chest and there are 3 rows of hooks under the breast for comfortable using by nursing mothers. The best technology undergarment by implanting Energy Stone at acupuncture points to accelerate fat burning in the arm area, strengthen the body and improve blood circulation in the upperback area.

4) Reduce Back Pain & Helping Someone with Scoliosis.

MAESTRO VEST 29 PERFECT BODY and MAESTRO 29 PERFECT BODY from Perfect Body Waist Trainer™ was created to help relieve low back pain and help you strengthen your core (abdominal) muscles.

Supported Posture, prevent you from slouching by providing back support.

5) Breast Uplift & Elevate Your Self Confidence in Every Single Outfit.

PERFECT BODY WAIST TRAINER™ will tighten your core, improve your posture, and provide you with a curvaceous, hourglass figure.

Wearing this UNICORN CRYSTAL BODY SHAPER gives you a seamless look and an attractive feminine curves, and softly squeezing your waist, without leaving you uncomfortable,” said Tania Nadira.

Perfect Body Waist Trainer helps you look your best and feel great about yourself.

6) Standing Upright~ Improving Your Posture.

The good thing about Perfect Body Waist Trainer™ is that you can use it anywhere and it can also improve your confidence and ensure that you look your best in every single outfit.

Perfect Body Waist Trainer™ helps you to reshape your body after Giving Birth immediately and gives you the motivation you need to keep working toward long term body shaping goals.

7) Prevents Slouching During Work-From-Home.

MAESTRO VEST 29 PERFECT BODY and MAESTRO 29 PERFECT BODY from Perfect Body Waist Trainer™ was created to help relieve low back pain and help you strengthen your core (abdominal) muscles.

Another important benefit is to provide support for your back (torso) and improve your posture even when sitting comfortably (preventing slouching and lifting the breasts up).

8) Provide Strong Core for a Strong Back

Adding core strengthening to your exercise routine can help protect your back and neck. By boosting your core strength, you’ll also be less likely to rely on other back pain treatments, such as medications. It’s important to incorporate exercises that work all of your abdominal muscles equally.

9) Accelerate Fat Burning During Exercise or Gym.

Workout Enhancement! Provide firm compression during vigorous movement and will help you sweat harder for a more affective workout.

10) Forming Feminine Curves.

Perfect Body Waist Trainer helps achieve an hourglass shape by cinching your waist and accentuating the curves of your hips and bustline. If you waist train correctly, you will see the results in a couple of weeks. If an hourglass figure is what you want, then waist training might be right for you.

11) Providing Motivation and a Constant Reminder of Your Goals.

Have a healthy lifestyle! Regimen to complement a healthy diet and exercise plan, you’re going to have the best results.

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Dwi Marnia ig @dwimarnia

Body Goal tapi perut bergelambir?? BIG NO!! Korset Maestro 29 Perfect Body dari @perfectbody_waisttrainer bisa mengatasi perut kamu yang bergelambir dan membuat badan tegap gak bungkuk, biar bisa dapetin tubuh yang ideal….

Josephine Clarissa ig @babygfw

Niat ngecilin & membentuk perut, usaha jangan setengah-setengah.. Maka dari itu aku pilih Maestro 29 Perfect Body nya @perfectbody_waisttrainer….


Selalu jatuh cinta dengan @perfectbody_waisttrainer World Class Quality dan sangat nyaman dikenakan! Highly Recommend You To Wear this Maestro Vest 29!